Weighed Down, Way Down is a song about the loss of one's ‘self’. Here are different versions of this song. The musicians were given free reign over their interpretation of the song, in fact, individuality has been encouraged. For a set donation (per go) to MindIn Crisis, you can choose to listen to as much or as little of one or all of the different versions of the song as you wish. Click on the cassettes below to learn more about each version. Musicians! We need more, unique versions of our song. If you would like to Sing for Sanity, please As a thank you, you will get exposure and 30% of the net profit from your version's donations. cassette – an interactive way people used to listen to music, in the old days, which often involved skill and problem solving For all enquiries, please send an email to pg@mindincrisis.org for the attention of Polly Gabriel.