KAREN ALONSO - We advertised on Bath Spa University's Career Hub for a Website Designer Extraordinaire. Karen is exactly who we asked for. This is what she wants you to know: " I am Karen Alonso, proudly Colombian, now living in Bath. I am studying for an MSc in Creative Technologies and Enterprise and enjoy exploring
cutting edge methodologies and practices related to digital areas. I consider myself as part engineer, part artist and hope to combine technologies and art to innovate
in the way messages are communicated. I am developing a project called PASTO which will host two exhibitions in Bath".
UPDATE - Karen has now finished uni and is working full time in Bath. Here are some photos from her Colombian street party on 10/6/2017, during Bath's Fringe
Festival. MindIn Crisis are extremely pleased to have crossed paths with Karen and her world :-)
SARAH NICHOLS - Sarah was the first to join the MIndIn Crisis team. she is loyal and actively supports causes close to her heart, MindIn Crisis being one of them, for which we are grateful. She volunteers for Cancer Research UK ( ) in their shop in central Bath, she partakes in Bath based Relish Running Races ( ), often running to fundraise for one of her causes and is a member of Bath's Welcome Community Choir ( ) who regularly perform in aid of various charities. Sarah is also a prolific writer, in the process of writing her first novel and has already written many stories under the name ICE GOLIATH. This is what she
wants you to know: "My name is Sarah and I support MIndIn Crisis because I've been there. I want you to know that you are not alone. Depression is not something I would wish on
anyone and I know how hard it is to ask for help. I got through it eventually and each time the black shadow comes back, I can deal with it just a little bit better ".
For all enquiries, please send an email to pg@mindincrisis.org for the attention of Polly Gabriel.