MindIn Crisis is a Community Interest Company
(non-profit organisation) with specific focus on
mental health incident emergency response. A large percentage of 999 calls are for mental health incidents
ranging from anxiety and panic attacks to acute mental health
emergencies such as manic episodes or schizophrenia.

The emergency services are neither equipped nor trained to
deal with mental health isssues and to handle a person in crisis
effectively. This results both in patients and their carers being let
down by the system as well as taking time from resources that
have little to offer in a mental health emergency.

MindIn Crisis C.I.C will provide an
emergency call-out service specifically for emotional/mental health issues, which will
complement the services already in existence as well as
lighten their workload, allowing them to concentrate on
handling physical emergencies.

MindIn Crisis C.I.C will utilise a team of approved mental
health professionals and doctors, admin and support staff,
ready to respond to round the clock call outs.

The team will offer timely and informed assessment on site.
It will act both as an alternative to hospital admission
providing on site therapy sessions and treatment and, in
cases where hospital admission is essential, provide
transport to people in crisis to a treatment facility.

The company's activities will benefit the residents of Bath
and those resident within a 10 mile radius of Bath City
Centre. The local emergency response (999) services
and local police will also benefit.

The scope of this project is extremely wide and potential costs
very high. At this stage, a service of this kind would be
impossible to launch and sustain solely on donations. This is
why we have set MindIn Crisis up as a community interest
company and not a charity.

To help sustainability, access to our service will be made
available both through a subscription plan and on demand
through means-tested contributions.

The service will be offered free of charge to a specific target
group, chosen by us at the start of every year.

Any surplus made by the company will be reinvested in the
business with view to expanding it and extending our services
so that we reach more people in need.
For all enquiries, please send an email to pg@mindincrisis.org for the attention of Polly Gabriel. MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
** Get in touch now, to join our team! ** MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
** Get in touch now, to join our team! **